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    Why is Cuban cuisine so delicious?

    Drawing from Cuba’s complex history and its abundance of wide-ranging natural resources and with the fusion of Spanish, African, Caribbean, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese cuisine which is a fascinating mixture of cultures and culinary ingredients has brought together many varied elements to create the distinctive Cuban cuisine.

    With no trouble at all, you can find a dish at Havana Club Restaurant and Bar that becomes an instant personal favorite, something you can look forward to every time you come back for a visit.

    Our famous dishes – discover our Menu and our great prices!

    Client testimonials

    This is a GREAT restaurant if you like real Cuban food. The portions are big…the prices are VERY reasonable and the service is fast. The “ropa vieja and black bean soup” along with the other delicious items you will find on the menu are especially authentic, no fake stuff here! Love this place!

    Nancy Trujillo

    Ontario, CA

    Living in Southern California and loving Cuban food, good authentic Cuban restaurants are hard to come by. I learned about Havana Club from a mutual Cuban friend that lives in the San Gabriel valley and the rest as they say it’s history. Even though the drive is long (about 30 miles), it was all worth it. The food was awesome. The “Pierna de Puerco Asada” (roasted pork) is by far the most delicious I’ve ever had. Great reasonably priced food and atmosphere, I would suggest this restaurant to anybody that enjoys delicious genuine Cuban food!

    Carlos Lagranda

    Culver City, CA

    Exquisite just like my mom used to make it. Havana Club’s cooking is Cuban all the way!!! The traditional stuff, such as bistec de palomilla, arroz y frijoles negros and platanos maduros, is as good as it gets–your taste buds will thank you. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the owners and staff always very attentive and always trying to go out of their way to make your dining experience a wonderful one. The last of the Mohicans when it comes to great Cuban food in Southern California and the San Gabriel valley. If you want delicious Cuban food this is the place.

    Martha & Frank Lopez

    Arcadia, CA

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